We love our ambassadors.

These are the people who go out and really put Gregory gear to the test—repeatedly, exhaustively, and in all seasons. They’re the ones who are meticulous about having fun and who never show up late for an adventure. They’re our testers, our messengers, and our experts in the field.

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William Woodward

Creative nomad. Following life’s journey, curiously experiencing the world. Slow wide turns.



Cindi Lou Grant

As a young girl, Cindi Lou dedicated her life to living fully through snowboarding. Her passion is fueled by a desire to inspire women to be bold, powerful, and shine. Cindi is a mountain guide for multiple outfitters, professional splitboarder, writer, yoga teacher, and Wasatch native with a feverish passion for connecting with nature.



Steven Williams

Steven is a freelance travel, adventure, and lifestyle photographer. Steven’s background growing up in the great outdoors has shaped his creative style. An accomplished explorer with a worn passport and passion for life, Steven’s images can be characterized by his desire to travel and photograph the true, beautiful moments.



Madi Carson

Being a PNW native, the outdoors has always been a pretty big part of my life starting as young as a few months old. I simply can’t get enough of it. As I always say, there’s a whole other world on foot & I want to see it all.



Nathan Yan

Photographer, engineer, and obsessive travel planner based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m a huge photo geek – in a past life I used to teach photography at UC Berkeley and these days I spend most of my time traveling and working on landscapes and astrophotography.



Louise Tee

I’m a born and raised mountain girl from Banff, Alberta who has been skiing since the age of 3! I travel the world with my husband/photographer looking for adventure, but the mountains will always be home.



Ben Canevari

Ben Canevari is a professional photographer and athlete specializing in shooting adventure and action sports. Barista by day and photographer by night, Ben takes advantage of every opportunity that arises to get out and explore.



Bryce LaDuc

I am an Adirondack 46er (climbed all 46 peaks in the NY State over 4k feet). I have been hiking, running and exploring the outdoors with my two rescue dogs for the past 12 years.



Nate Wyeth

Spending most of his childhood in Michigan, Nate grew up with a passion for being outdoors, riding his bike and playing in the water. Years later, he’s still passionate about the same activities.



Shayla Christine

Traveling full time since 2015, I’ve vlogged my travels every step of the way. Burning man, yoga in the jungle of Costa Rica, Appalachian trail, Greece with the refugees, hotels in Puerto Rico, Pub Crawls in Nicaragua, vacations in Cuba, living in a van on the west coast and New Zealand.



Kerri Irwin

Kerri was born and raised in Tuscon, Arizona, amongst saguaro cacti and extreme heat. She loves going on hiking, camping, mountain biking, paddle boarding, and backpacking adventures with her husband Jerad, her daughter Sydney, and her dogs, Goose and Dante.