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Gregory gets Hitched in Turkey

Jordan Deall from Hitched, Gregory Baltoro 75 Litre Hiking backpack

Traveling can be rather unusual at times. Constantly on the move, it often just feels like an bizarre blending of different cultures and peoples. Experiences begin to merge into a strange passing of place and time. Things from a month ago suddenly feel like faded memories, but then there’s also small things like a handshake

Gregory Gets Hitched in the Sudan

Luke MacDonald from Hitched, Gregory Zulu 65L Backpack through Sudan

After the whirlwind of Ethiopia where we were seperated and struggled to find each other due to an internet blackout during an attempted coup, Sudan is, according to media reports, supposed to be even worse. Khartoum is in the middle of a civil uprising, and things have become so bad that it’s being dubbed ‘a

Gregory Gets Hitched in Namibia

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Although we left home a month ago, having already hitchhiked from Durban to Cape Town, stepping into Namibia feels like the start of the trip. Mostly because it’s a new country, and we’re suddenly no longer ‘at home’, but also because our original plan to get to the Americas had failed miserably. We’d wanted to

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